Aloe vera: properties

Aloe vera has multiple properties

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There is no doubt that aloe vera is a highly demanded plant: we are not only talking about the fact that it requires very little care, but that it also has multiple beneficial properties for health.

It is very interesting to grow some, since it can be in a pot, but also in the garden. That's why we want you to know what are the properties of aloe vera and how is it used.

What properties does the Aloe vera?

Aloe vera gel has many properties

El Aloe vera It is a species native to Arabia, although today it has become naturalized in regions where the climate is warm or temperate-warm, like the one in other countries whose coasts are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, the Egyptians, in the IV millennium a. C., were among the first to use this plant as medicine.

But what is special about it? When removing a leaf, or when making a cut, we will immediately see that the transparent viscous sap comes out. Well, this gel is the one used to improve health. But, what properties does it have?


The sun, the passing of the years, illnesses, continuous stress... all of this has a negative influence on the body, accelerating the aging and death of cells. You can't help getting old, since it is part of life from the first moment we were conceived (at all times there are cells that die, leaving the place for others: that is how it grows), but yes, you can slow down the process, for example by drinking aloe vera juice.

The best thing is that it is scientifically proven to work. Here you have the study in case you want to read it.

Strengthens the digestive system

Do you often have constipation? Do you have the feeling that you are digesting poorly, with stomach or intestinal pain? Does a lot of tartar accumulate between your teeth? If you answered yes to any of these questions, One way to alleviate the symptoms, or to prevent them in the case of tartar, is to include aloe vera juice in the diet.

It is a food that improves the intestinal microbiota

Aloe vera has many medicinal uses

Surely you have heard of pre and probiotics. Are trendy! But why? Because it has been shown that there are beneficial bacteria for the body, without which we can have many problems. For example: who has not felt intense itching in some part of their body after taking antibiotics?

Well, one of the most common causes is an imbalance in the microbiota. To not have that unpleasant feeling, it is recommended to take aloe vera, since the mucilages found in the gel serve as food for these microorganisms, while fighting pathogens.

Healing and moisturizing skin

Aloe vera gel is mainly used to care for the skin. It is very useful to relieve itching and irritation, and also for wounds to heal a little faster.. Therefore, its use is recommended to treat, for example, acne, dry skin, or psoriasis as long as it is not serious.

Regenerates bone cells

This is due to the emodin, a substance found in leaves. Is helps strengthen the bones of the body, since it stimulates the regeneration of cells. Thus, it serves to treat the loss of minerals in the skeleton, so it could be very interesting to at least reduce the risk of suffering from some of the joint diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, or relieve a little Your symptoms.

What contraindications does it have?

As beneficial as it is, not everyone can take aloe vera. And it is that if you suffer from Crohn's disease, colitis or if you usually have hemorrhoids, you should not consume it as they can worsen symptoms.

In addition, and as a precaution, anyone who wants to start a treatment with the gel and/or the juice should try it first: consume a small dose and see how it reacts. It is not a very toxic plant, but in some cases, according to MedlinePlus, you can have breathing problems, rashes, or even chest pain.

How do you use the Aloe vera?

Aloe vera is widely grown in pots.

To use the Aloe vera, what is done is cut an "old" leaf (i.e. one that is furthest from the center of the plant), from the base with a sharp, clean knife. Then, you can cut the piece that you are going to need, removing the crust, and wrap the rest in aluminum foil to later have it in the fridge.

Of course, keep in mind that you only have 5 days to take advantage of it before it spoils and loses nutrients. Therefore, it is important to always take only what you are going to need at this time. And not only that: you have to avoid cutting too many leaves, as it needs time to produce new ones.

When too many are removed, the plant becomes very weak and may not thrive.. In fact, that is the reason why it is recommended to use it when it is an adult, from 4 years of age; since if it is done before it will not have the opportunity to continue growing.

Do you dare to have your aloe vera plant? 😉

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