How to detect botrytis in succulents?


Fungi are one of the worst enemies of all plants. Often when we realize that there is something strange that is happening to them, these microorganisms have already advanced a lot. Too. Although there are some more common than others, the cause of the botrytis it is especially popular.

They cause a lot of problems for our cacti, succulents and plants with caudex. But calm / a: below I will explain how to detect botrytis in succulents and, also, how to fight it.

What is it?

Botrytis, also known as gray mold, is the name given to the disease caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea. This is favored by the mild temperatures of spring and autumn and by humid environments. But this does not mean that it does not appear in summer; Furthermore, as it is a parasitic fungus (the correct term is endoparasitic fungus), it takes advantage of the slightest opportunity to enter the organism of plants to start multiplying.

What are your causes?

This disease is caused by only one thing: a wound. A simple and often invisible - to our eyes - wound, either to the stem and / or roots when transplanted, is all that botrytis needs to sneak into succulents.

For this reason it is very important not to prune them, and in case we want to make grafts or cuttings, always use tools previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol.

What symptoms and / or damage does it cause?

If our plants have botrytis we will see the following:

  • Gray dust or mold in some area
  • Rotting or necrotizing
  • No growth
  • Sometimes they flower out of time to try to leave seeds, or they produce suckers

How do you fight?

Powdered sulfur

This disease is fought with fungicides. As it works very fast and we collectors or amateurs do not usually use succulents for consumption, I recommend the use of chemical fungicides that contain Cyprodinil and / or Fludioxonil. In the event that we are going to use them for consumption, we will treat them with copper or sulfur in spring and autumn. If it has advanced a lot, we will first cut the affected parts with a previously disinfected knife and then we will apply the treatment.

In addition, it is very important that we water when necessary (here you have all the information on watering these plants), avoiding leaving water in the dish, and never getting the succulents wet.

Have you had any doubts? Do not leave them in the inkwell. Question. 🙂

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  1.   vanessa ramirez said

    Could you help me with my cactus please
    My cactus is a seat of a mother-in-law of about 25 years and its previous owner when watering it raised it to the top of the cactus and all their spikes on top fell silent and it appeared to him as a hard and brown skeleton and does not have that yellow pompom above
    My question is if he can recover and how could he please
    At night I applied ground cinnamon in chasm but I don't know what else to do
    I don't want him to die = (
    I wish you could help me

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Vannia.
      How does the cactus follow? I hope it hasn't gotten worse 🙁

      You can treat it with fungicide, even remove that brown part with a knife previously disinfected with alcohol from a pharmacy or dishwasher.


  2.   MJAF said

    I bought a fungicide called benomyl but I don't know how to prepare and administer it. I have a fungus on my organ cactus that leaves dry black spots.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello MJAF.

      Usually it is slightly diluted in water and then the plant is sprayed / sprayed with this solution. But the exact amount of fungicide to be diluted is indicated on the packaging.

      Likewise, it is important to reduce risks, since fungi appear when there is an excess of humidity.


  3.   Sam said

    Hello. Thanks for the info. In case of treating it with sulfur, how would it be done? Thanks a lot!