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Cyber ​​Cactus is a website made by and for fans of cacti and other succulents. We offer you information on the most common and easy-to-find species in nurseries, but also the rarest so you can enjoy a varied collection. In addition, we tell you what are the pests and diseases that they may have, and what you have to do to remedy them.

The Ciber Cactus editorial team is made up of a team of succulent plant enthusiasts, who will give you tips and tricks so you can enjoy these wonderful plants like them. Do you want to join us? For that you just have to complete the following form and we will contact you.


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    • Monica sanchez

      I have been in love with succulents (cactus, succulents and caudiciforms) since I was given one when I was 16 years old. Since then I have been investigating them and, little by little, expanding the collection. I hope to infect you with the excitement and curiosity I feel about these plants in this blog, where I will tell you about their characteristics, care, properties, uses and curiosities. I will also show you photos of my specimens and those that I find on my trips and walks through nature. I am fascinated by the diversity and beauty of succulents, which can adapt to different climates and conditions. Some of my favorites are aloe vera, echeveria, kalanchoe, Christmas cactus, and Easter cactus. I like to learn about their origins, scientific names, families and genders. I am also interested in knowing its benefits for health, beauty and the environment, as well as its applications in gastronomy, crafts and decoration.