Obese euphobia

Euphorbia obesa adult specimen

Have you ever seen a succulent or succulent non-cactus so compact and round? Its scientific name is Obese euphorbia, and it is one of the most popular among collectors and fans of this type of plant that drives us so crazy.

Its care is so simple and its size so small that it is impossible not to get one as soon as we see it. But, in addition to all this, there is still much you have to discover...

Obese euphorbia is the scientific name of a plant endemic to South Africa, specifically the Cape Province, and which belongs to the botanical family Euphorbiaceae. It was described by Joseph Dalton Hooker and published in the Botanical Magazine in 1903.

It is rounded in shape, with a diameter of about 6cm when young and up to 15cm once it reaches adulthood, and a maximum height of 30cm. It shows a total of eight ribs adorned with small, light-colored protrusions. Although it is green, with exposure to the sun you can see areas of red and purple. Like all Euphorbia, inside it contains latex which is toxic.

During the summer it produces flowers, but they do not have great ornamental value since they are very small and almost insignificant. These sprout from the apex of the plant - the center.


It has a fairly slow growth rate, so I totally discourage planting it in the ground 🙂. It is better to have it in a pot and enjoy it day after day, controlling its watering, which must be very scarce, and above all protecting it from mollusks. (snails and slugs) with mosquito netting, beer or diatomaceous earth.

Yes, only with this and fertilizing it with fertilizers for cacti and succulents during the spring and summer following the instructions specified on the package, you can have an obese Euphorbia for years. What's more, resists cold and frost down to -2ºC; although yes, you must protect it from hail.

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